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Gianna Rigopoulos, professionally known as Gianna is a Canadian singer/songwriter, living in Southwestern Ontario.   Gianna, aka Gigirig, found the pulse of music at age six when she was casted as a singing doll.  And it stuck. What followed on her playlists is an audio library of music giants from Debussy to Bring Me the Horizon and icons in between like Billie Holiday, Rihanna, Joni Mitchell, Aaliyah, Chet Baker, and Erykah Badu.    Beginning her EP by the age of sixteen, her light, sensual lyrics and multi-directional music explores the playful side of relationships and the hurtful side we all can relate to.  From 'Backyard' to 'Waves', 'Paradise' and 'Candy Hearts', Gianna shows an innate understanding of growing up with walking a fine line between safety and risk.

At twenty, Gianna has written songs and music we sing on the way to work, soccer games, Tim's and patios.  Words that stick like, 'Don't put your junk in my backyard, and if you do I wouldn't mind at all', and 'You’re up and down and back and forth, You come and go away 

You wash me up and drown me out just like an ocean wave', 


Gianna is  hooked into two distinct music cultures - South Korea with its bellowing and powerful percussion instruments and ancient Nordic singing, called ‘kulning’, which comes from the Swedish “kuh-lock” (calling the herds), powerful and beautiful  vocalizations that can travel over distances of up to five kilometers to communicate with animals. 

Who would she like to jam with and cover?  Gianna says she’d jam with Norwegian producer/songwriter, Aurora, and the covers she’d like to produce are 'Is It a Crime?' by Sade and 'Doo Wop (That Thing)' by Lauryn Hill.

Gianna finds solitude and reflection in the  forest where she  explores or forages for flowers and herbs.  A place where she has the privacy to compose.

‘I want listeners to learn to sit back and really feel the music, listen to how your own experience interprets every melody and beat. Music is a powerful, emotional tool with lessons to discover.’

Stage History:  Midsummers Night Dream as Oberon - Shakespeare Festival ; Macbeth as Lady Macbeth - Shakespeare Festival ;  Sudan Benefit Concert;  Cinderella, the Musical, London;  Shakespeare the Mixtape - The Grand Theatre, London

The backbone of her growth is the ongoing support from her family.

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