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| 3, November, 2021 - LONDON, ON | ‘So Long’- feat. Dean Holbrough) is Cascadian’s third single, following his first two tracks - Instant Gratification and Savoury. Master Recording by Mike Donaldson (Serenity Soundworks). Photo credit - Pexels

Cascadian croons with his light baritone and full body resonance that switches to a powerful head voice in a declaration of freedom - So long, good riddance/Life is magnificent without you in it/I've been doin' great for a minute/Now…..’ Holding us with his vocal edge, Cascadian floats us into his bittersweet lyrics, and we can’t help fantasizing an escape from our Walter Mitty syndromes. And you want to marry his guitar – that work of beauty which makes you dizzy with inspiration - hope you’re not afraid of heights. Happy ever after.

So Long is available in all digital stores.

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