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| 20, AUGUST 2021 - LONDON, ON | ‘Waves” is Gianna’s follow-up single to her first track, ‘Backyard” with InTANDEM RECORDS INC. Master Recording by Mike Donaldson (Serenity SoundWorks).

GIANNA, is a South Western Ontario singer/songwriter, a 20 year-old music industry student in London, Ontario. In ‘Waves’ Gianna captures moments of elemental heartbreak – being swept under by love’s inescapable, powerful undertows.

Juxtaposed against this brutal waterscape are Gianna’s ethereal vocals filled with heart and soul candy that transport us to the emotional core, ‘And love can grow from sea foam/ But I went too deep and caught the undertow/ You’re up and down and back and forth/ You come and go away/ You wash me up and drown me out/ Just like an ocean wave/ Oh, I can never win.’ In ‘Waves’ Gianna’s voice is a total experience – sudden and soulful, like siren song.

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