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Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. -- Jimi Hendrix. Many artists say that you don't choose to make music, it chooses you and you become a truth maker. Cascadian is back in the studio seconds after 'Instant Gratification' released July 16th, and his second track, 'Savoury' in mid-August. His passion being what it is fills the studio with new sounds, new lyrics, new emotion in 'So Long', a track about walking away. 'So long, good riddance/ Life is magnificent without you in it/ I've been doin' great for a minute'... How many times have you said, 'so long' and felt completely reborn after?

I've already listened to the rough mix so many times - each time diving deeper into its pool of 'so longs' and the promise of new beginning - ' who were we kidding

It was so wrong from the beginning/Move on, this time, stay gone/So long ' Life is at its best when passion leads to truth, and truth takes you home.

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