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| 20 JULY, 2021 - LONDON, ON | ‘Backyard” is Gianna’s debut single with InTANDEM RECORDS INC. Master Recording by Mike Donaldson (Serenity Soundworks).

NOW available in all major digital stores:

A Southwestern singer/songwriter, Gianna, aka Gianna Rigopoulos, is a 20 year-old music industry student in London Ontario. As a songwriter, her stories spin lyrics that are playful and whimsical, smooth and jazzy and intuitively poetic.

Backyard” invites us into her personal space of imagined possibilities, a 'backyard' filled with escapist sounds and imagery: She sings, 'In my backyard I’ll be dreaming/Cause what I put out I can be it /See in my backyard I can fly/Don’t you wanna touch the sky?' Washing over us, her voice wraps itself like a silky breeze around our own memories of unencumbered solitude. After weighing the pros and cons of opening the gate to her ‘backyard’, she decides her sacred place of pretend and comfort can be shared. ‘Don’t throw your junk in my backyard, my backyard’s full/but if you throw your junk in my backyard be sure to know, that I wouldn’t mind at all.” Gates are meant to be opened.

While the instrumentals are dream-like, they’re also toe-tapping, and you’ll find yourself singing along in the shower or on your drive to work or in your ‘backyard’.

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