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| 3, November, 2021 - LONDON, ON | ‘So Long’- feat. Dean Holbrough) is Cascadian’s third single, following his first two tracks - Instant Gratification and Savoury. Master Recording by Mike Donaldson (Serenity Soundworks).

Cascadian, a Southwestern Ontario singer/songwriter and guitarist straddles two genres in his third release, So Long, a pop/alternative, break-up song. Phil Collins said, ‘People hate a break-up, but they love a break-up song.’ In So Long Cascadian walks us over an emotional bridge to self-preservation, a bridge that if you don’t cross before it collapses, you’ll bleed out, leaving emotional splatter all over the page. When pleasure turns to poison in a toxic relationship, grow some courage and say ‘so long’.

Available in all digital stores November 3, 2021.

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