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THE PRESTIGE (in music)

The Prestige in a magic act is the third stage when the magician takes his art to the highest level of impact. Producing a song is like this. First there’s the set-up when the composer/lyricist writes the song. The second stage is the mix when the sound engineer taps into the song’s power and enhances it. The last stage is the Prestige when the music producer delivers the magic in a master recording. Music producer, Mike Donaldson executes this Prestige with a rich finesse. ‘Instant Gratification’ by Cascadian and ‘Backyard’ by Gianna have garnered these curators’ praise:

Nice work on the beat and bass; the production on this track is pretty outstanding.’ – ALFITUDE

I love the song. I think the singer's voice is literally perfect and also the beats and lyrics are very catchy and memorable.’ -- ArtiEski Muzik

'Hey! A top production. The track is unique and the beats are good.’ -- Sinusoidal Music

In August we get to listen to two new master recordings by Mike Donaldson (Serenity SoundWorks) – ‘Savoury’ by Cascadian and ‘Waves’ by Gianna.

Donaldson’s low-lit, intimate studio in London, Ontario, exudes a unique eclectic vibe where artists feel at home, ready for the set-up, the performance and the Prestige. It's magic.

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