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From the alarm clock, to grocery stores, to the dentist’s chair, music enhances both our cognitive and emotional states; it's an evolutionary force drawing from nature and human nature, uniting us through common experience.

I know how music moves people to places they weren’t expecting.  I know the power of great music has always been necessary to our survival.   InTANDEM artists are already doing this – creating uniquely original, moving works.  I grew up with all music genres, fall stored in unforgettable memories. One such memory was a concert on the coast of Turkey with Ray Charles under a harvest moon.

“Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.”Ray Charles

Meg Howald
gretchen teclom

For as long as I've been playing music, I was also drawn to recording and producing it, which is my career focus.  Starting from capturing live recordings on an MP3 player at jam sessions or shows, I moved through a variety of different portable recording devices and consoles, and eventually to the modern approach using an interface and DAW.  It is important  to capture something special at the source rather than rely on crafting something "in the mix" later. 


Attention to detail, love of capturing a moment, and focus on proper arrangement; combined with a keen interest in crafting emotional mixes, is what I bring to the table.   My hope is to bring a musicians-first approach to working in the industry with my main focus on serving the song. 

'Working with Mike ensures an industry standard that is hard to match."  - Meg Howald

Michael Donaldson 
MADDY 2 copy.jpg

After graduating Fanshawe’s Advanced Filmmaking program, Maddy works for both independent and corporate companies in video production. As a Media Services technician she works with production equipment and video editing. Indie projects include music videos, wedding videos, documentaries, short films, and commercials.


Industry professionals recognize and praise Maddy’s resourcefulness, technical expertise and creative vision.  - Meg Howald

Maddy Richard
Media Consultant/Videographer

My  career is business-centered, focused on records management and financial compensation in both insurance and educational institutions.  I'm looking forward to working  with the InTANDEM team and artists to deliver a professional level of administration in the music industry.  Music has always been a necessary part of my life, passed down from one gen to the next.

"Business colleagues would say Gretchen's client-care is an ongoing passionate commitment.' - Meg Howald

Gretchen Teclom

From a young age I've had a passion for film which has guided me into a professional career. Inspired by the masters of the industry, I seek to continuously improve my skills and develop projects that inspire viewers and captivate your audience. Currently I am the Co-Director of the wedding videography business Dream Chest Creative.

Since graduating from Advanced Filmmaking at Fanshawe College, I've worked extensively in corporate video, working for brands such as CWD (Fluance, Electrohome, Magnasonic, Nyrius,) Fanshawe Pioneer Village and Growing Chefs! Ontario. I've also taken on lead roles in the production of feature films and short films.

"Clients recognize Mason's outstanding creative commitment to process and delivery." - Meg Howald

Mason Buchko

Media Consultant/Videographer

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